domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Summertime Chaos...

We all know that busy, chaotic days can take the wind right out of our sails sometimes and summertime is no exception! I can't say that I've been partaking in some major summertime fun (oh how I wish I could say that!) but I can honestly say that this particular summer has proven to be a busy one for me none-the-less!

With the still fresh news of a new grandbaby on the way (and the unexpected scare of a miscarriage), the usual "kid" antics, a very busy work schedule for my hubby and my visiting mom (who patiently sits by and watches it all unfold with a look of amusement at times!)life can take it's toll! I've been trying to accept these challenges with as much grace as possible but at the end of the day, grace goes out the window and a with a few moments of curse words, tears and a few shouts into my pillow, I push forward hoping that the next day will be a little less brutal and perhaps a wee bit more relaxing and fun. A girl can wish can't she?

In the midst of all the chaos, I've managed to finish a few bears and I'm pleased to say that three of them made their way into the heart of a beautiful collector!


...and "Picadilly"

Thanks, Deb...they're going to love living with you in your "HUG"!

When chaos strikes like it has lately, one of the things that brings me so much comfort is collecting! I love to collect, as you all know...this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to simply walk across the street to an Estate sale where I scored something I've been wanting for years! From my front porch, before the sale started, I was shocked to see the lady hang two dresses from a ledge on their front porch. Now, my eyesight is not the best for the most part but my first thought was that they were 1950's cocktail dresses...two of pink one and one red one! I'm a lover of all things from the 1950's and to own a sweet cocktail dress from the era was a dream of mine for a very long time. Imagine having to sit and wait for the sale to begin, knowing that all I had to do was walk quickly over and claim those dresses before anyone else could get their hands on them...I had three hours to wait! THREE HOURS! And then there was the thought that the "early birds" would arrive and someone would grab MY dresses before I could get safely across the road!!!

I waited...heart pounding, palms sweating. I waited and waited. Time stood so still for those three loooong hours. Then...suddenly, it was time...10 minutes before their start time, crowds of dealers and collectors began to show up. I'm not the early bird type but let me tell you, those dresses were going to be mine! I grabbed my money, slipped my feet into my thongs and flew out the door! Once safely across the street, I slipped quietly and quickly passed several people milling around the stairs to the front porch...I don't think anyone saw me...I was a ninja!

I walked over to the two dresses...took note...THEY WERE 1950's COCKTAIL DRESSES and the sweetest dresses I ever saw! I calmly put my hand on both of them realizing that I couldn't reach high enough to take them down so I stood there. Waiting. Hoping the lady who was running the show would come by. I waited. One lady walked up and made a comment about the dresses saying she's never seen dresses like those at a yard sale! I nodded my head in agreement but never took my hands off them. I even went so far as to say that I was waiting for the owner to come by and help me with them. My palms were still sweating when the next person made a comment. I'm thinkin' "move along" "someone help me"...and then suddenly, over walked the owner with a smile on her face! She said to me "you're from across the road"! She introduced herself and asked if I was alright. I said "yep"..."just want these dresses"! She called her husband over and asked him to help out...he did and laid both dresses across my outstretched arms...I had hoped he didn't see the "tears" of joy in my eyes. The next thing was to find out how much they wanted for them? $5.00 each!

After a bit more "shopping" and some other great finds, I started off back across the street, all hunched over, dodging traffic as I went along with tufts of pink and red taffita trailing along in the breeze behind me!

It was a good day!

Hope you have a good day too!



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