sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Love Is In The Air...

Ahhhh...love! Love, love, love!

I love that I have a beautiful family who loves me. I love that I have so many wonderful friends...new and old. I love that I have had the awesome priviledge of being "mother" to some amazing animal babies throughout my life and I love that I've been given the chance to enjoy creating...bears, dolls and wonderful food in my kitchen. Everything I love so much sustains my soul and keeps me on my toes. Gotta love that!

Yes, love is in the air...afterall, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I adore this time of the year. It's the one time where you can send out love in the form of flowers chocolates, baking, cards, hearts, candy and of course teddy bears...just to show you care!

Spread the love!

Here's some love for you! Thanks for visiting!

Have a beautiful day!

Love Michelle:)

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