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Spring Cleaning and All That Is New...

Spring is a time for newness, for change, for cleansing the soul as well as the home and it's a time to reflect on things that are important and to put things that are not so important on that perverbial "back burner" until another time.

I know a lot of us bloggers take a moment to apologize to our beautiful followers for not keeping an updated blog. And I know that a lot of followers decide that it's time to move on and I completely understand. I hope that anyone who has decided to stick it out with my blog will understand that there are so many other things I need to do and concentrate on right now and that both of my blogs have been put on that "back burner" until I can find the proper time to make them what they should be.

Okay, I do apologize and I do plan to be back "full time" posting and updating my blogs very soon.

Now, what have I been up to you ask? Well, slowly working on bears...I keep thinking I have to give it up but like my sweet hubby says, "you know you can't give it up...it's in you to keep going" and I agree. I might want to give it up and you've all told me that you've felt the same way on occasion and that I shouldn't give up...let's just say I'm going to "prioritize" a wee bit for a little while.

You see, aside from the fact that it's spring and I want to get my house in order as most of us do at this time of the year, my baby girl is about to become a new mother for the very first time! And with that came a trip to her house way up North to help her get ready, to throw her a baby shower and to spend some quality time getting to know her all over again. It's been over a year since I last saw her and when I arrived at her house to see her for the first time with this beautiful belly, it was a glorious momma/grandmotherly kind of feeling! I can't describe it any other way. For the entire visit with her, my eyes constantly welled up and I had hoped that while I was there, her little girl would make her way into the world so that I could be a part of it. Unfortunately, it didn't happen for me and I had to come home. She's been told over and over that she will deliver early even having to endure shots of steroids to strengthen her little girl's lungs and several impromptu hospital visits in case she came too early. I suppose it's a good thing that I report, to you, that our little granddaughter, Paisley, is still warm and snug inside Momma's tummy and with her due date being March 22nd...she could be here any time now...perhaps even on my birthday on Friday! Grandma would love that so very much! What a wonderful birthday gift that would be:)

Anyway, as you can see, my mind has been elsewhere not to mention the fact that I, along with everyone else it seems, suffered from the most horrible sinus infection and cold known to mankind during all of that time...okay, I exaggerated...only a little bit though. It was a bad one...I don't get colds often and that one was a doozey!

So, with all of that being said, I, again, apologize for not updating as often as I should have. I may not be back for a little while again as that baby could come any day now and then my mind will most definately be elsewhere. I do appreciate your visits and wonderful comments! They make me smile and inspire me:) And they keep me going!

Now, one more thing I want to mention! A few months ago, I had the privilege of making a sale to a wonderful lady who has since become a very dear friend. Usually, when I make friends online and I have a lot of them...they're so very far away and the chances of ever getting to meet any of them in person are very slim. This time...not so...she's only an hour and a half away from me and we're meeting up at the end of the month and I am tickled pink and so is she! Karyn, also a bear maker as well as a doll maker, and I have so much in common it's crazy and we're enjoying talking bear talk and getting to know each other so meeting up at the end of the month will be the "icing on the cake" for both of us! And to top it off even more...we're going to do her first ever bear trade! I'm so excited I can hardly wait! My new little friend "Sunshine" is a beautiful new bear made by Karyn last week and I can't wait to meet him as well. Karyn chose two of my tiny primitive bears which I'm going to continue to work on after this post!

To get to know Karyn and her work, yourself, you can find her amazing bears and dolls in her ETSY SHOP! She and her husband are both artistic in so many ways as well as musically gifted! They're a lovely couple and Darren and I look forward to meeting them both!

Here is a photo of my soon-to-be new bear friend "Sunshine"! Thanks Karyn!

Next time I post, I will have some happy news! I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring!



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