jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

"A Little Hug"!

Hey everyone!

A HUG is defined as "to hold fast...to press tightly in ones arms"OR if you're a real bear lover like I know you are...A HUG can also be defined as "a group of teddy bears" and a HUG can be a small one or a large one...however, "the more the merrier" I always say!!

I've finally finished my latest bear set...this one is sort of an "instant gratification" kind of set! You get three bears in one and you instantly have a little HUG of bears which is wonderful if you don't have a HUG of your own already!

Here's a peek...for more photos, hop over to my Etsy Shop to get a better look!

The sun is shining, the latest bout of snow is almost gone and spring is in the air once again....yea...right! You're not falling for that one again hey?

I'm happy to say that I have a few more bears already nearly complete and some new projects on the horizon. Without these bears and you, my dear friends, what would I do? Thanks for checking in when you can. It means a lot to me! It really does.

Have a good one!

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